At Gilde Law Firm, we handle a myriad of cases in many different practice areas. We do not take the single practice-area, cookie-cutter approach to law.

Our practice areas span personal injury litigation; toxic tort litigation; products liability litigation; environmental litigation; premises liability litigation; pharmaceutical litigation; insurance litigation; maritime litigation; civil rights litigation, and commercial litigation. Ultimately, these broad range of practice areas boil down to two primary disciplines – personal injury and contract disputes.

Personal Injury: If you have been injured or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of someone else’s fault, we will hold the responsible party accountable. Injuries and death are devastating and have numerous causes – someone’s negligent or intentional acts, an employer’s lack of training, a pharmaceutical’s incomplete warning, a product’s hidden defect, an invisible toxic exposure, an insurance company’s greed, etc. Whatever the reason, justice does not tolerate the harm to be suffered without a remedy – a concept so old and rooted in our law that it is in Latin: “Ubi jus, ibi remedium”. If you or someone you know has suffered a harm, your remedy is to call Gilde Law Firm and seek justice.

Contract Disputes: If you are in a contract dispute, you may feel as though your business has been turned on its head. Contract disputes, like personal injury, have many forms and causes. Contract disputes can be oral, written, or exist in law. They may arise as a breach of a contractual clause or involve other causes of action like breach of fiduciary duties where a partner engages in self dealing. Whatever your commercial or contractual legal issues may be, Gilde Law Firm has the experience and proven track record to put your business back in place.

To learn more, please select the specific practice area dealing with your personal issues, call us toll free at 800-973-3106, or send us an e-mail. Contact Us Today.