Gilde Law firm is experienced in Maritime and Oil Platform Injury cases. Our oceans, seas, gulfs, channels, bayous, and navigable waters can be treacherous. Gilde Law Firm handles injuries and death by workers in many forms, which include: Jones Act Claims on Behalf of Injured Seamen; Drilling Rig, Ship, and Platform Injuries; Shoreside Injuries; Maritime Exposure and Illnesses; Chemical and Fire Burns; Diver Injuries; Seaworthiness Claims; Negligent Maintenance Claims; Negligent Crewing of Vessel Claims; Wrongful Death Claims; Drowning; Death on the High Seas Act Claims; Offshore/Deckhand/Dredge Worker Injury Claims; and more.

Causes of Maritime and Oil Platform Injuries vary significantly from slip and falls, lifting, diving accidents, explosions, fires, and equipment failures to name a few.

Additionally, the law surrounding Maritime and Oil Platform Injuries vary significantly too and include the following:

  • Admiralty Law – the law regarding how vessels can behave while out to sea.
  • Jones Act Claims – the law regarding seamen and unseaworthiness of a vessel or the negligence of a third party.
  • Maritime Law – running the gambit of the Jones Act, the Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act, and other international and national maritime and admiralty law.

Don’t chart these waters alone. Let Gilde Law Firm guide you and your loved ones.

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We Fight: Litigation against the maritime industry is extremely challenging and adversarial. Gilde Law Firm knows how to fight for your interests.

We Win: We will work to obtain full and fair compensation for the illnesses, injuries, and losses you have suffered as a result of the carelessness and recklessness of others.

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